Soul is the new animated movie from Disney and Pixar. The adventure comedy film is scheduled for a June 19, 2020 release date. It's directed by Pete Docter (Inside OutUp, and Monsters, Inc.) with assistance from Kemp Powers.

A brief teaser trailer for Soul was seen back in November 2019, but the film's first official trailer debuted today! See it below.

Watch Pixar's Soul trailer

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In Soul, Jamie Foxx voices a music teacher named "Joe Gardner." After an accident, his soul is separated from his body, and he's sent to a new dimension for human souls called the "You Seminar."

Tina Fey voices another starring "soul." She also receives writing credit as part of Soul's writing team. Foxx's lead role, meanwhile, is also the first African American lead in a Pixar film. The actor tweeted about this accomplishment.

Jamie Foxx tweets about Soul (plus its poster!)

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Disney & Pixar's Soul release date

See Soul when it comes to theatres beginning on July 19. It looks like another inventive film from the team behind classics such as Up and Inside Out. Check it out for yourself this summer!