"Forky" and "Bo Peep" will be featured...

'Toy Story 4' Is Getting Two Spinoffs for Disney+

When "Bo Peep" reappeared in last year's Toy Story 4, little was known about where she had been since she was last sighted in Toy Story 2. The new Pixar animated short film titled Lamp Life will fill viewers in on "Bo Peep's" absence and the character's transformation in Toy Story 4Lamp Life will stream exclusively on Disney+ beginning on Friday, January 31.

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Lamp Life: The transformation of "Bo Peep" 

Voice actor Annie Potts reprises her role as "Bo Peep" in Lamp Life. The character appeared in the earlier films in the Toy Story franchise, when she was the soft-spoken love interest for "Woody." In Toy Story 4, however, "Bo Peep" returned in a major role as an empowered heroineLamp Life will cover the story of "Bo Peep" as a lost toy prior to Toy Story 4.

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The new trailer for Lamp Life

Pixar today released a trailer for Lamp Life via Entertainment Tonight. It previews Lamp Life and the "untold adventures" of "Bo Peep." Give it a watch!

Lamp Life will be added to Disney+ on Friday, January 31. It is the latest content from the world of Toy Story. "Bo Peep" and Toy Story 4 are also nominated for Best Animated Feature at the upcoming Academy Awards ceremony!