With its charming love story between prostitute "Vivian" (Julia Roberts) and wealthy businessman "Edward" (Richard Gere), Pretty Woman stands out as a classic among many great romantic comedies. 

Practically everyone has seen the film, which celebrated its 30th anniversary last year. But do you know the story of Julia Roberts's body double for the more risqué scenes in the movie?

Pretty Woman: "Vivian" actress Julia Roberts's body double

In Pretty Woman, there were, in fact, several scenes where "Vivian" was not played by Julia Roberts. Her body double, actress Shelley Michelle, substituted in for the film's early close-ups of "Vivian's" body and on the movie poster—which edited Roberts's head onto Michelle's body!

Pretty Woman poster: Julia Roberts worked with a body double in the film.

Michelle said in a 1991 interview, "My legs were a little curvier. I was a little more busty. It made [Roberts] look a little more curvaceous, just gave her that body she needed."

After her Pretty Woman performance, Michelle became one of the most famous body doubles in the movie industry. In the early 1990s, she was also the body double for Kim Basinger in Final Analysis (1992) and for Barbra Streisand in The Prince of Tides (1991).

The "Queen of Body Doubles" Shelley Michelle

Michelle's famous legs were the result of years of professional dance training and she even insured them for around $1 million, according to IMDb. Michelle later appeared in a few minor film roles herself.

Shelley Michelle, the Pretty Woman body double for Julia Roberts.

The "Queen of Body Doubles" even had a leading role in the 2004 romantic science fiction film Galaxy Hunters, which she also wrote. Michelle is 58 years old today.

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