Finally! The last part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion aired! And it was wild. The Housewives went for the throat, apologized, shouted, and laughed. Lisa Rinna has been gunning for Brandi Glanville's side of the story in the battle versus Denise Richards and even brought physical receipts!

Lisa Rinna Prints Text Messages For Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion 

Intensely aggressive Lisa Rinna was desperate to be Brandi Glanville's voice during the reunion considering Denise demanded she not be a part of the show. Tension has been brewing ever since Brandi claimed she and Denise had a sexual affair that put Denise's marriage with Aaron Phypers at risk. Denise had been claiming that she and Brandi are only acquaintances to which some of the ladies do not believe considering Brandi showed them long text message exchanges. Denise doubled down on her claim and said Brandi had tampered with the messages and faked them.


Andy Cohen asked Denise "You think that the text messages are fake. Is that correct?" and she replies "I believe my text thread between Brandi and I are very different. Absolutely." To this, spitfire Lisa Rinna whipped out a large stack of papers and said "I have 'em right here if you guys wanna go through them. I don't like bulls*** so let's just go through it." The other ladies were completely shocked by this, Garcelle Beauvais even said "Wow, wow" while shaking her head. 

The scary side of Denise we have seen a few times came out and said "Hey wait, Rinna, you better be careful saying this, because yours will be shown too." Lisa asked her "Are you threatening me?" and Kyle Richards said, "I think it's a promise."

Endlessly patient Andy asked Denise, "Are you willing to show your text messages to Brandi to show that they don't match up with her text messages?"

Denise replied, "Absolutely. Is Rinna willing to let me show my text messages with her?" to which Lisa said, "It's not about me, and those are private." It's clear their over 20-year friendship is over. Lisa continued her attacks on moves on Denise and spoke about a rumor that Denise had "stolen" her friend Heather Locklear's husband Richard Sambora and invited a "hooker" to dinner once. 

The whole episode was a wild ride and a lot of dirt was flung. A few issues were resolved but if anything more fuel was added to the fire. Denise and Bravo have announced that she will not be returning for a third season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills