Rob Lowe is making a return to the small screen with his new television show 9-1-1 Lone Star! In this action-filled, Texas-set spinoff of Fox's hit emergency drama 9-1-1, Lowe plays firefighter "Owen Strand", a New York transplant who uproots his life and moves to the Lone Star state with his son.

Tasked with having to assemble a new fire crew while also adjusting to Texan ways, Owen will face all kinds of challenges and cross paths with an intriguing cast of characters, including paramedic "Michelle Blake" (Liv Tyler). Lowe also executive produces the show and has described it as being "a propulsive journey that is emotional as well as physical", sure to take viewers on a ride with every episode.

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Rob Lowe talks about his character

Rob Lowe revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that his character Owen was pitched to him by show creator Ryan Murphy as "an athletic, adventurous, rugged, brave firefighter who cares very deeply about skincare". He goes on to say that Owen is "this great dichotomy of a traditional action-oriented first-responder character who also has a streak of larger-than-life narcissism about him. He fills a room and likes the spotlight, but he’s very, very concerned with justice and people getting a fair shake."

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Lowe consulted firefighter friends

When it came to portraying Owen, Rob Lowe took great care to make sure he focused on the human aspects of the job by talking with local firefighters he became friends with, as he shared in his interview about the show for Entertainment Weekly. "What makes someone want to do that job? What do they love about it? What are the pitfalls? What are their fears? I’m lucky to have actual friends to rely on for that sort of stuff."

9-1-1 Lone Star premieres this Sunday on Fox at 10 PM ET/7 PM PT in a special timeslot. A new episode is also set to air the following day in the show's regular Monday timeslot of 8 PM ET/PT.