From charming teenagers around the world with his portrayal of a vampire to wowing comic book fans with his version of DC's signature "Batman". During a comic book fan event this weekend, Robert Pattinson wowed everyone after unveiling the first trailer for The Batman, a Matt Reeves film where the former Twilight star plays the famous Gotham City vigilante created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. With the brief preview, the British actor gained the trust of viewers, who are already patiently waiting to see him on screen wearing the "Batman" costume.

Robert Pattinson conquers fans with the first trailer of The Batman

As part of the DC Fandom event, director Matt Reeves presented the first trailer for The Batman, a film that will tell the early years of "Bruce Wayne" as the anonymous vigilante "Batman."

The trailer, which has been streamed more than 13 million times since its release this weekend, features just enough to thrill fans of the "Batman".

In addition to anticipating the appearance of "The Penguin" and "The Riddle", two of the main characters in the "Batman" saga, the trailer for Reeves' film presents a darker and more violent version of the mythical DC Comics hero, elevated by the quiet and mysterious performance of Robert Pattinson, who broke fans' bad forecasts by becoming one of the most promising bets in cinema for 2021.

The Batman, which is still waiting to resume filming, will open in theaters in the fall of 2021.

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