The "Hetty" (Linda Hunt) comeback on NCIS: LA may end up being short-lived.

"Hetty," the head of the Los Angeles office, was on a mission in Syria for nearly all of last season and was hardly seen except for the finale episode. Now, to start season 13, "Hetty" is back, but it appears she's getting ready to leave once again.

NCIS: LA season 13: "Hetty" has to leave again?

In a preview of the season 13 premiere, which airs this Sunday, "Hetty" is already forging new travel plans and wants to get away from the Los Angeles office.

So, no sooner has "Hetty" returned than she wants to head back to Syria. During her mission there, she left unfinished business and wants to go back to restore order.

Linda Hunt: "Hetty" has been integral part of 'NCIS: L.A.'.

Her colleague "Adm. Kilbride" (Gerald McRaney) is not enthusiastic about her plans. Nevertheless, he agrees because "Hetty" is responsible for her mission abroad.

"Kilbride" will hold the position in LA during "Hetty's" absence. Fans will no doubt be disappointed if this plot leads to more episodes without "Hetty." But there's still good news.

Before "Hetty" starts her journey, she will appear a few times in the new season and link up with "Callen" (Chris O'Donnell).

After some recent NCIS: LA exits, we're hoping "Hetty" remains with the show for the long run. Actress Linda Hunt is now 76 years old and she's been a fan-favourite since season 1.

NCIS: LA kicks off season 13 this Sunday, Oct. 10.