Saoirse Ronan and Kate Winslet are starring in a new movie called Ammonite together, and the first trailer was just released! As People shares, Ammonite is set in 19th-century England, and tells the story of the relationship that blossoms between two women, played by Ronan and Winslet.

Winslet and Ronan play palaeontologists in love

Winslet plays "Mary Anning" in the movie, a palaeontologist who works by herself along the coastline. "Mary" then ends up crossing paths with a tourist who offers to pay her to take on his wife "Charlotte Murchison" (played by Ronan) as an apprentice. "It’s not easy work," "Mary" explains to "Charlotte" at one point in the trailer, as the two dig up fossils.

At first, "Mary" and "Charlotte" don't exactly get along. However, their relationship soon becomes more than strictly a professional one, as the two women struggle with their feelings for one another. "I don’t want to go back to the life I had before you," "Charlotte" admits to "Mary". "What about my life?" "Mary" asks her in response.

Saoirse Ronan BAFTA Awards 2020

Ammonite set to debut at TIFF in September

Ammonite was originally supposed to make its debut at both the Cannes Film Festival and the Telluride Festival. However, as People mentions, the coronavirus pandemic, unfortunately, caused those plans to be cancelled.

Since the movie hasn't been released yet, its world premiere is currently set to take place at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in September! Directed by Francis Lee, Ammonite also stars Fiona Shaw, Gemma Jones, James McArdle, and Alec Secareanu. And although a wide release date hasn't been announced, you can check out the first trailer below!