Sex and the City "Charlotte" has high ambitions for her future husband! Having dreamt of being swept away by her knight in shining armor from an early age, "Charlotte" can often be blindsided by what she believes is true love.

"Charlotte" (Kristin Davis) thinks she has found her true love when she meets "Trey MacDougal" (Kyle MacLachlan), an attractive cardiologist with the perfect pedigree—he even looks good in a kilt! But not everything is as perfect as it seems. With a gorgeous wedding and a beautiful Vera Wang wedding gown, fans were rooting for the marriage to work, but shortly realize how wrong "Trey" is for "Charlotte".

Sex and the City: "Charlotte's" Husband "Trey"

"Charlotte's" first husband in Sex and the City, "Trey MacDougal" is perfect on paper and all seems to be going according to "Charlotte's" plans until things begin to go south on their wedding night. 

Giving up her job to be his wife, this is the first sign that "Charlotte" may have chosen the wrong man. Add to the arguments over having children, "Trey's" impossible mother, and, unfortunately, their incompatible sex life, it doesn't take long for their marriage to start to fall apart. 

However, the nasty divorce that follows their marriage would lead to "Charlotte" meeting her next husband, a much better fit! 

Sex and the City: "Charlotte's" Husband "Harry"

When "Charlotte" hires divorce attorney "Harry Goldenblatt" (Evan Handler), she is initially put off by his not so picture-perfect looks—he's short, bald, and has a very hairy back! However, his charming personality soon wins our hard to please leading lady over, and she even converts to Judaism to marry him!

Despite the hard journey to get there, "Charlotte" does find her knight in shining armor in the end. And she goes on to have the family she always dreamt of, first adopting her daughter "Lily" from China and eventually conceiving her second daughter "Rose"! Fans couldn't have been happier for Sex and the City "Charlotte" to finally find her dream husband! 

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