Very few saw this success coming. The South Korean series Squid Game has demolished an all-time streaming record on Netflix.

As the streamer has now confirmed, the series, which premiered in September, has the most viewers in its history. The record places Squid Game a long way ahead of the previous leader Bridgerton, according to Forbes.

Squid Game is the most streamed Netflix series ever

Forbes notes that Netflix likely counted all users who watched Squid Game for at least two minutes, as this metric was used in their previous studies.

Accordingly, a whopping 111 million users have watched at least part of the series — so far. Even Bridgerton didn't match that! "Only" 82 million users tuned in to the first season of the romantic period drama.

Squid Game Just Broke A Record Set By Bridgerton

For the streaming numbers, following Bridgerton is the first season of Lupin with 76 million and The Witcher also with 76 million.

For South Korea, Squid Game is the latest international hit after the film Parasite, which won Best Picture in 2020.

The series is about a group of people who, due to financial difficulties, take part in a competition involving children's games. They battle for billions in prize money, but they quickly learn that the contest has a deadly twist...

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