Stephanie Beatriz is sharing her excitement about her brand-new Disney movie, Encanto! The actress, who lends her voice to protagonist "Mirabel," recently talked to Entertainment Tonight about the film— and what she hopes young audiences take away from watching it.

Beatriz says Encanto "speaks to what Disney does best"

Beatriz mentioned how the country of Colombia is at the heart of Encanto, which she said is "so incredible" to her. While Beatriz herself was born in Argentina, her mother is Colombian. She also told the outlet that she feels the enchanting family film "speaks to what Disney does best," which is giving people the ability to "see yourself in the story" through the characters.

The star welcomed daughter Rosaline a couple months ago, and reflected on her own kid's relationship to the movie. Beatriz said that even though Encanto is a fictional story, it will be "part of her history," both because of her role in it and the fact that her daughter is around when the film makes its way into the world. She also joked about Rosaline being "way cooler than I'll ever be."

Stephanie Beatriz attends Disney Studios' premiere of Encanto on November 3, 2021.

Beatriz also expressed her hope that the Encanto soundtrack will be memorable to kids! The film features several catchy tunes penned by Broadway lyricist Lin-Manuel Miranda, many of which "Mirabel" sings. She shared that "the greatest gift would be to pass by some kid in the grocery store and they're humming [an Encanto song]," saying the moment would be "so special."

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