Steven Soderbergh has not allowed the COVID-19 pandemic to interrupt his continuous work flow, and it has even inspired the director and producer to make a follow-up to one of his most acclaimed films! Just a few days before the release of his movie Let Them All Talk, the filmmaker revealed that he is preparing a sequel to his famous 2011 film Contagion— which, according to many, managed to accurately predict the COVID-19 pandemic.

Soderbergh says his Contagion follow-up is being developed

Soderbergh announced in an interview with the podcast Happy Sad Confused that he is working with screenwriter Scott Z. Burns on a "philosophical" sequel to his controversial film, Contagion.

Steven Soderbergh during the filming of the movie 'Contagion', in 2011

“I have a project in development that I'm working with Scott Burns, it's kind of a philosophical sequel to Contagion, but in a different context," said the director. "Scott and I had been talking about, 'So, what's the next iteration of a Contagion-type story? We should probably think about it a bit more."

Although Soderbergh did not want to talk more about the subject, it is likely that the project will not follow the same characters from the 2011 film, but will instead return to the world in a context similar to the one addressed in Contagion.

Contagion has found new popularity during COVID-19 pandemic

Although it did not go unnoticed in its premiere year, Contagion peaked in popularity during 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Released in 2011, the film tells the story of a global virus originating on a Hong Kong farm which begins to spread throughout the world, causing millions of deaths and infections.

Movie poster 'Contagion'

A little over 10 years after its theatrical release, the film became a hit on streaming platforms worldwide, as many believed that the film predicted the global epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus. And according to Google, Contagion was the sixth most popular movie this year!