Teen Mom OG's Amber Portwood's Wild Season

Teen Mom OG's Amber Portwood has had a rough few years. In 2018 she went on Marriage Boot Camp with her then-boyfriend, leech Matt Baier, only to break up with him on the show and begin to date Marriage Boot Camp cameraman Andrew Glennon and become pregnant by him a few weeks later. 

Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon attend 2017 MTV Video Music Awards at The Forum

For a while it seemed that Andrew was the perfect match for her, he was patient and supportive of her mental health and bipolar disorder until it came out that she was incredibly physically and verbally abusive to him and she was arrested for domestic battery (not the first time either) against him. She chased him down with a machete while he hid in the bathroom with their infant son James terrified for his life. 

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Since then, countless recordings of her being hysterical, cruel, and violent have surfaced. She often threatened to kill herself because she didn't want to be a mother to James anymore. Luckily, Andrew won primary custody and currently has a court case against Amber. MTV has been facing a lot of criticism for trying to spin the situation and victim-blaming during this new season while insinuating her bi-polar disorder is a valid excuse to be violent.

Amber Portwood shares a selfie.

Teen Mom OG's Amber Portwood's New Man

Now, even in the midst of her court case, she has found herself a 90 Day Fiancé style new boyfriend! In the past few episodes, she has opened up to the cameras about her new handsome Belgian boo 10 years her senior and promised her daughter Leah's Dad and Step-Mom that she would take things slow this time.

Apparently, by slow she meant flying him to Indiana and introducing him to her daughter days after first meeting him

The two have a major language barrier as he barely speaks English and Amber speaks no French or Dutch and Dimitri has children back home in Belgium but somehow they make it work and seem to be excited about each other.

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In the newest episode, Amber is upset because news of her new relationship has leaked to the media and she has accused her new boyfriend Dimitri of being the one who leaked it! So to get to the bottom of it she asks him, " So, you know I've horrible trust issues because I've been hit with f****** s*** so hard I was like, 'Holy crap, I was naive,' and I would like you to do a lie detector test just to show me I'm not wasting my time with you."

Surprisingly flexible Dimitri agreed and said "Yes. It's okay."

This would not be the first time she used a lie detector test on her boyfriends, she had one done on her ex Matt Baier who was exposed for making sexual advances on other women. The lie detector practitioner asked Amber what she is hoping to find during the test and she responded: "I just want to make sure he's here for the right reasons, that he's here for me, he's in the country for me." 

Lucky for her, Dimitri passed the test! He has not deceived Amber. This is when her insecurities shined through "I just thought I could never be loved." and "I know it sounds weird. In my mind, it's like 'Why?' and then you start to think 'Why didn't this person love me? Why didn't that person love me?"

Hopefully, this new relationship goes a lot smoother than her previous ones and she learns from her mistakes. Fingers crossed for her and Leah!