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'The Bachelor': Hometown Week!

Colton Underwood

Hometown week is one of our favourite weeks and we can't believe the shocking exit from last night's episode. We have a quick recap from all the hometown dates along with the spoiler of who got sent home. Here we go...

It was hometown week on The Bachelor last night with the final four women and Colton's first stop was in Fredericksburg, Virginia where he met Caelynn and her family. They spent time riding around in a horse drawn carriage and had some ice cream at her favourite spot. When it came to meeting the family, Colton met her mother, step-father and sister, Ariana. Colton did get Caelynn's step-father's blessing (which we know is a deal-breaker for him when it comes to getting down on one knee) and Caelynn says that she's fully in love with Colton.

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Stop Number Two

Second stop: Birmingham, Alabama to meet Hannah G.'s family. She starts the date off with taking Colton to an etiquette class to turn him into a Southern gentleman. After that, Colton met Hannah's mother, father, three of her cousins and her best friend. Colton gets her father's blessing and the two both say that they are falling in love with each other. Aww. 

Skydiving say what?!

Third stop on the map: Santa Ana, California. Tayshia takes Colton skydiving on their date, despite the fact that they are both terrified of heights and they both survived. Tayshia's father was extremely hard on Colton (for good reason, we have to say) and at first doesn't give him his blessing. In the end, after speaking with Tayshia, her father does give his blessing and all is well in the world. Both Tayshia and Colton said they are falling in love with each other. 

No Blessing for Cassie

The final stop on hometown week was to visit Cassie's family in Huntington Beach, California. The couple went surfing and seemed to have quite the intimate time. Cassie is the only woman who has yet expressed her love for Colton at this point in the game. Cassie's father tells Colton that giving him his blessing would be premature, meaning that her father is the only one that hasn't given his blessing at this point. 

The Shocking Elimination

The rose ceremony begins and Hannah G. gets the first rose, Tayshia gets the second and Cassie gets the final rose. In a tearful and heartbroken goodbye, Caelynn is headed back home without an engagement. The final three women are left thinking about the next step next week: the fantasy suite. We can't wait to see what next week has in store...