On Monday night, season 23 bachelor Colton Underwood got to meet thirty of America's most eligible bachelorettes as they arrived at the mansion. Some women decided to for-go the traditional arrival in a limo and rather do something to stand out. To give you a recap, there was a 'Cinderella' like arrival in a horse drawn carriage along with a fake Australian accent and a full on sloth costume in the mix. 

What we know from previous seasons of The Bachelor is that there must always be the season villain revealed in the premiere, a strong rivalry between two contestants and of course a costume gag. For Colton's season however, there was bound to be the topic of his virginity shining through in almost every single conversation, all night long. Lucky for us, all four of those things, were clear as day in the season 23 premiere. 

This season's villain is bound to be Catherine who managed to steal Colton away four times from his conversations with other women. Yes, you read that correctly. Four times! The rivalry this season is proving to be an interesting one as it involves two former Miss USA pageant contestants that previously competed against each other. Hannah B. (Miss Alabama) and Caelynn (Miss North Carolina, who ended up winning runner-up). We can't wait to see how this rivalry plays out as the weeks progress. The woman who showed up in full sloth costume (to take things slow in honour of Colton's virginity...) is Alex D. and unfortunately for her, she was sent home on night one.

Colton's virginity has been the talk of Bachelor Nation since it was revealed, and honestly we are getting kind of sick of it. If the jokes and gags last all season long, we aren't sure if we will be able to hold out. 

Seven women were sent home on night one, leaving Colton with twenty-three women to continue on his journey to find love. We are hopeful that there are some genuine women among this group and that people get past the topic of virginity so Colton is able to find what he is looking for. That's all for this week...