Trouble in paradise

'The Bachelor': Week Six

Colton Underwood (27) brought his ladies back to the United States and to his home town of Denver, Colorado. The week started off right away with a one-on-one date with Tayshia. Colton wanted to get down to business and ask Tayshia what all the women who left last week meant when they said 'be careful, some girls aren't ready for marriage' etc. So he asked her and she name dropped Caelynn and Cassie... two of the younger girls left on the show and said that conversations were had in the house where they were talking about how they aren't ready for an engagement or to be married. They even went so far to say they were open to being the next bachelorette

Drama, Drama and More Drama

Obviously that didn't sit well with Colton, but he gave Tayshia the rose which means he will be visiting her home town next week and meeting her family. The second one-on-one date went to Caelynn. The couple went snowboarding and Colton asked Caelynn straight up about what Tayshia had told him. Caelynn was very upset about these 'false' accusations, but let's be real... who do we ever know to believe in this whole mess?! She ended up getting the rose as well. 

Hannah B. Goes Home

The third one-on-one went to Hannah B. and Colton actually brought her home to meet his parents! Whoa. We thought that was pretty huge and she has even admitted to being in love with him, but in the end Colton just wasn't feeling the same way. Hannah B. went home, broken-hearted. 

Four-On-One Date

An awkward four-on-one date finished off the evening with Heather, Hannah G., Cassie and Kirpa. Heather right away said she wasn't feeling it 100% and so she left, leaving Kirpa and Hannah G. and Cassie. Kirpa had some concerns with Cassie and brought those up with Colton which definitely stirred the pot with the remaining women. In the end, Hannah G. (obviously) and Cassie got roses and Kirpa got sent home. 

With hometowns just around the corner, we can only expect things to get harder for Colton. He seems to have built some really strong but also really different connections with the four remaining women. We can't wait to see how meeting the families turns out! Stay tuned...

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