Week four of season 23 of The Bachelor was definitely one to watch! There were new enemies emerging and old enemies making up, one-on-one dates and the biggest group date yet. It was definitely not a disappointing episode in terms of drama and we will take you through the highlights...

The Bachelor Season 23: Colton Underwood

Time To Leave The Mansion

The show started off with Chris Harrison surprising all the girls with leaving the mansion and flying all the way to Singapore, which is a Bachelor first for everyone! Upon arriving in Singapore, the first one-on-one date went to Tayshia. They went bungee jumping together and enjoyed some quiet alone time on the beach. All in all, it was a great date!

Group Date Time

The next date was the group date where there were 13 women, on one date. How do you even call that a date? We aren't sure. Well anyways, they spent their time wandering the street markets and went to a leech therapy session where real live leeches sucked the blood of the girls and Colton! Crazy. Demi ended up getting the group date rose which caused some controversy.

Shopping Spree For Caelynn

The final one-on-one date went to Caelynn. Last week, there was some beef between Hannah B. and Caelynn and so when Caelynn got absolutely spoiled and taken on a crazy shopping spree with Colton, Hannah B. was not very impressed. Although the girls managed to have a conversation and clear the air, which we thought was very mature of them. Caelynn also opened up about her past to Colton and the fact that she was sexually assaulted in college. Colton responded incredibly well and we can tell there are some real sparks between the two.

Demi stirred up some drama as per usual and called Courtney the "cancer of the house". In the end, the two women Demi doesn't like... Courtney and Tracy, were sadly sent home in Singapore.

Next week Colton and his remaining 13 ladies are off to Thailand! We are sure we can expect more drama than ever! Stay tuned...