Season 23 Bachelor Colton Underwood

It's the moment we've all been waiting for...

Colton Finally Jumps The Fence

The Women Tell All episode never disappoints with all the drama and crazy that happens in the matter of two hours in front of a live audience. All the women who have been booted off the show, return to face each other and also Colton. We have a recap of the five craziest things that happened last night. So hold on your hats, it's another bumpy ride...

Onyeka and Nicole

Onyeka and Nicole still have unresolved issues and oh boy the drama ensued. The rivalry and constant back and fourth about who bullied who ended in Onyeka channeling her inner Ariana Grande and saying "Thank you, next". The real winner however is Nicole because Chris Harrison pulled an Oprah and gave her a year supply of ice cream to help with all her tears. Uh, yes please!

Katie Cleared the Air

Katie cleared up who she was referring to when she left the show and told Colton that two women that were still there aren't ready for marriage. While Tayshia told Colton she was referring to Caelynn and Cassie, she was indeed correct. That didn't' sit well with some of the girls let's just say. 

Demi Versus Courtney

Demi and Courtney are also not quite over their tiff and this one got a little physical last night. Demi apologized for calling Courtney the "cancer of the house" but then went on to say that she was more "like bed bugs"... so not a real apology. Their whole argument ended with Courtney walking over to Demi and telling her she needs a time out and then shoving a pacifier into her mouth. No. Way. 

Is He Still A Virgin?

Sydney asked the bold question that everyone was thinking when Colton was in the hot seat. Is he still a virgin? While he didn't give a straight answer... Chris Harrison takes a poll with the girls to see who thinks he still is and only a few raise their hands. We guess that's all the information we will get on that topic for now...

Caelynn is Still Heartbroken

Caelynn got her turn in the hot seat and was very emotional as one would expect. She does however say that she is proud of herself for coming on the show ans openly discussing her sexual assault and we too applaud her for that. She is still heartbroken over her break up with Colton and we wish her nothing but the best.

Next week is the two night Bachelor finale and we absolutely cannot wait to see what happens in what promises to be the most exciting and dramatic season finale in Bachelor history.... Stay tuned!