Hannah Brown continued on her journey to find love during the highly anticipated hometown episode last night. Starting the night off, her first hometown was with Pilot Peter in Westlake Village, California. We bet you can guess what they did... That's right, they flew a plane! Well Peter flew the small airplane before they went and met his family. It was all smiles, family traditions and love during this hometown visit and we can tell that these two are a great match.

Hannah and Peter give us all the feels

Getting steamy with Tyler

Hometown number two went to Tyler in Jupiter, Florida. They spent the day on a boat where Tyler toured her around and showed her some childhood memories and favourite spots of his. They of course went for a dip in the water and things got rather hot and heavy. Tyler's visit with his family was an emotional one. His father got very ill and almost passed away two months before taping of the show began. He seems to be recovering well and there was nothing but well-wishes and great blessings for both Tyler and Hannah.

Sunday school with Luke

The third hometown visit was with Luke P. where Hannah went to Gainesville, Georgia. Luke took Hannah to an adult Sunday school first where we got to hear his testimony yet again. Hannah always seems rather impressed by him. The visit with Luke's family went surprisingly well. They were shocked to find out that Luke was the source/cause of all the drama and hate in the house this season. Hannah seemed to be rather reassured by his family about all the things that she sees in Luke that others weren't necessarily seeing. Luke is still confident that Hannah will be his wife.

Let down with Jed's family

The final hometown went to Jed in Knoxville and Sevierville, Tennessee. Jed to Hannah to a recording studio (of course) where they wrote a song together and then recorded it. As cringe as it was, it was truly adorable. Meeting Jed's family however, was not so adorable. Hannah had a tough go from his mom, dad and sister. All in all, they didn't seem to approve of her or their relationship and they don't want Hannah hurting Jed's music career. Ouch.

Everyone gets a rose

When it came time for the rose ceremony, Hannah gave roses to Peter and Tyler and then left the room saying she couldn't make a decision. When Chris Harrison went and found her, she came back and decided to give roses to all four men to take them to the Fantasy Suites... Get. It. Girl.

It's the first time that the final four will all be going to Fantasy Suites so next week is sure to be full of drama. See you next week in Crete, Greece!