Clare Crawley is calling on more men to apply for her season of The Bachelorette

Clare Crawley's Season of The Bachelorette In Lockdown!

Clare Crawley is finally getting her shot! But with a bit of a pandemic twist. Variety has learned that Clare's season of The Bachelorette will restart filming soon with more than a few extra rules.

The entire cast and crew are going to be staying in one location in Southern, California and will be quarantined and tested for 2 weeks before entering The Bachelorette filming site. Warner Horizon Unscripted has even said that the cast and crew will all be regularly tested and go through temperature checks and completely isolated from the rest of the world. No visitors or press will be allowed on the premises during the competition.

The Bachelorette is a unique reality competition that does not need a studio or sound stage and can function in one location where Clare will date her suitors. These guys will hopefully be truly in it for "the right reasons" because they have a lot of hoops to go through to have their shot a 39-year old knockout Clare! Surely, the cast and crew are a bit disappointed they will not be able to visit exotic countries for fun dates.

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Some of Clare's original contestants have been removed and replaced, including Matt James who was just announced to be the first-ever Black Bachelor! Ironically, Clare probably will not mind considering she threw shade at Matt when he was just a suitor and suggested on Twitter he was simply in the competition for attention and money on Cameo before she learned his full back story and she backpedaled on her statements.

Matt was signed up by former contestant Tyler Cameron's mom shortly before she passed away and he had been doing Cameos to raise money for his incredible charity that he had been a part of for long before applying to court Clare. Fans were looking forward to the awkward interaction between the two once the show started but Matt was dubbed the new Bachelor before we could see that confrontation take place. 

We can't wait to see how this quarantine season of The Bachelorette will work!