Television and movie streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and hulu are becoming the primary way to watch some of our favourite shows and movies. With the success of these streaming platforms, they have decided to create original content for their subscribers and let us tell you, some of them are absolutely fantastic!

Netflix Original Series: GLOW

Because who doesn't love a good binge watch?

Top 10 Netflix Original Series to Watch in 2019

Amazon Prime Original Series

We have put together a list of the best Amazon Prime Video Original Series that are available for streaming right now. So grab your popcorn and sit back, relax and enjoy the shows...

1. Bosch. This show is based on the novels by Michael Connelly and is one of the best crime thrillers out there.

2. Comrade Detective. This series is set during the late Cold War and revolves around some Romanian buddies. The entire series is filmed in Romania and is dubbed over in English by some pretty big names.

3. Goliath. Billy Bob Thorton stars in this series about a lawyer who is forced to find the path to redemption after leaving a powerful law firm that he co-founded and hitting rock bottom.

4. The Grand Tour. If you like Top Gear, then you will LOVE The Grand Tour.

5. The Man In The High Castle. Set in the early 1960's, this series revolves around the time when the Third Reich and the Japanese empire held split control over the Continental United States

6. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Starring Rachel Brosnahan who has already won a Golden Globe and a SAG award for her performance in the show, this show is the must-watch comedy of the year!

7. Transparent. Starring Jeffrey Tambor, this show has done incredible job portraying the emotional journey of the family's father living his full truth as a transgender woman.

8. The Tick. This is Amazon's take on the tongue-and-cheek superhero mascot!

9. Red Oaks. This series is a fun ode to 1980's coming of age comedies. Very good series!

10. Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams. Similar to Netflix's Black Mirror, this anthology sci-fi series takes a glimpse into the technological future.

If those series don't make you want to turn on Amazon Prime, we aren't sure what will! Be sure to stay tuned for more...

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