After twelve seasons, The Big Bang Theory ended in 2019. Here you can find some facts about the popular series, which you certainly didn't know yet.

"Leonard" in The Big Bang Theory is known to wear glasses and over the course of the series this became his trademark. But did you know that Johnny Galecki (44) doesn't wear glasses and introduced them for his role himself?

The actor wore the glasses during the pilot and the makers of the series thought he needed them to read the script. This wasn't the case but Johnny Galecki wanted the character to wear glasses, so they kept them. Only the lenses were removed because they reflected the lights.

This is why "Bernadette's" voice in The Big Bang Theory sounds like that

Johnny Galecki is not the only actor who wanted to give his role something special. Melissa Rauch (39) is also responsible for the trademark of her role. In real life Melissa doesn't have a squeaky voice like "Bernadette". The actress was inspired by her own mother.

Did you know that Kaley Cuoco (33) and Katey Sagal (65) already played a mother-daughter team before The Big Bang Theory? While Katey Sagal has only one guest appearance as "Penny's" mother "Susan" in the tenth season, the two could already be seen as mother and daughter in "8 Simple Rules".

But Kaley Cuoco almost didn't get the role of "Penny" and was only second choice. In the pilot of the successful sitcom Amanda Walsh (37) played the main female role, which was still called "Katie" at that time. Since this was not well received by the station, she was deleted and replaced by "Penny" and thus Kaley Cuoco.

But also Mayim Bialik (43) almost lost her role as "Amy Farrah Fowler" to someone else. Kate Micucci (39), who was seen for a short time as "Raj's" girlfriend "Lucy", was supposed to take over the role of the scientist.


Mayim Bialik also has a doctorate in real life

Mayim Bialik not only plays the role of the neurobiologist "Amy" in the series, but also holds a doctorate in neuroscience in real life. She is the only cast member with such a high degree.

Someone who, unlike his colleagues, lacks a doctorate is "Howard Wolowitz". In the series he is often reminded of it, especially by "Sheldon". But that's not the only thing that "Howard" is denied. He is also the only member of the clique who hasn't seen "Penny" naked yet.

"Raj" on the other hand has already seen "Penny" naked, but couldn't talk to her. The astrophysicist can't say a word in front of women until the seventh season without alcohol. Anyone who thinks that this defect was invented by the makers of the series is wrong. The model for "Raj's" selective mutism was a former colleague of producer Bill Prady (59).

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