For a couple of weeks now, we have known that the twelfth season of The Big Bang Theory will also be the final one. Most recently, it was also revealed that there might be very good news for the fans of "Penny" (Kaley Cuoco, 32) and "Leonard" (Johnny Galecki, 43) as the show comes to a close in 2019.

Steve Holland, new showrunner and producer of the sitcom, has told "TVLine" about the future of "Penny" and "Leonard" that they will "tackle the question of whether or not they want kids".

The Big Bang Theory: "Raj" and Love

Furthermore, "Raj's" (Kunal Nayyar, 37) quest for love will play major role in the last season of The Big Bang Theory, according to Holland. He might even turn to his father to arrange a wedding for his shy single son. Jim Parsons (45), whose character "Sheldon" sure has had something to do with the success of The Big Bang Theory, meanwhile tries to make friends with "Amy's" (Mayim Bialik, 42) parents. The headstrong nerd became aware that after his wedding with "Amy" he is also married to her family, so to speak.

The Big Bang Theory: Return of "Professor Proton"?

Holland also revealed that "Arthur Jeffries", also known as "Professor Proton" (played by Bob Newhart, 89), will be back for the final The Big Bang Theory episodes. The character actually died, but still had some appearances. A comeback would surely be just one of many highlights all of the The Big Bang Theory fans have to look forward to next season. A 'last hurrah', before we all have to say goodbye to "Sheldon", "Leonard", "Penny", "Amy", "Raj", "Bernadette" and Howard once and for all.