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'The Grinch': The Cast Today

'The Grinch': The Cast Today

To entertain kids is not always easy, but if Santa can do it then so could The Grinch. The movie has become a tradition after all, for the young and the old, for the short and the tall. From Jim Carrey to the girl who played "Cindy Lou Who", let's check in on the cast and what they currently do...

How the Grinch Stole Christmas has turned twenty years old this year and just like its source material, the film is enjoyed by many during every Christmas season. Production however was not easy. For example, Jim Carrey had to endure hours every day in the makeup chair. On The Graham Norton Show, Carrey mentioned that an expert who trains CIA operatives how to endure torture was hired to get him through the filming. The makeup artist for The Grinch, Rick Baker, was a five-time Oscar-winner up to that point and his work on this film earned him his sixth of seven career Academy Awards.

Although critics weren't as kind as director Ron Howard would have hoped, the movie developed a following and a fan base. At that time, The Grinch became the second highest-grossing Christmas movie after Home Alone. What have the actors from the movie been doing in the past two decades? That's a question that you simply must hear the answer to.

The Grinch Cast: They Stole Our Hearts

'The Grinch': The Cast Today

You probably don't need us to tell you what Jim Carrey has done since filming The Grinch but as for the other actors, watch the video above for all the details!