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'The Honeymooners': Last-Surviving Star Joyce Randolph Today

The Honeymooners: Last-Surviving Star Joyce Randolph Today

The Honeymooners was one of TV's earliest hit sitcoms. The comedy series aired in the mid-1950s, so it might come as a surprise to learn that one of the stars is still living today! It's actress Joyce Randolph, who played "Trixie." Here's a look at The Honeymooners star now.

The Honeymooners went off the air 65 years ago, but the series incredibly still has a surviving cast member today.

Jackie Gleason's classic sitcom featured four main stars, all of whom have now passed away except for actress Joyce Randolph. She played "Trixie," the wife of "Ed Norton" (Art Carney).

The Honeymooners cast: "Trixie" actress Joyce Randolph today

Born in 1924, Joyce Randolph was actually already in her 30s when The Honeymooners launched as a sitcom in 1955.

She's now 96 years old and, though long retired, has been closely associated with her trademark role ever since her time as "Trixie" ended.

The Honeymooners: Joyce Randolph is the last-surviving cast member.

After The Honeymooners concluded in 1956, Randolph made a few more appearances on The Jackie Gleason Show. But she never took on another major role, which she attributed to her fame from The Honeymooners.

In a 1994 interview, Randolph explained, "For years after that role, directors would say: 'No, we can't use her. She's too well known as Trixie.'"

So, she instead acted in musicals and commercials as well as a rare screen role in the little-known 2000 film Everything's Jake.

Joyce Randolph at age 96 in 2021

Now in the 2000s, Randolph has continued to give occasional interviews looking back on her Honeymooners days and the show's enduring fandom.

The Honeymooners: Last-Surviving Star Joyce Randolph Today

Her most recent appearance we could find was for a 2019 radio interview, where Randolph was still reminiscing about The Honeymooners. The TV legend will turn 97 years old in October 2021. 

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