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What Happened To 'The King Of Queens' - "Deacon"?

What Happened To The King Of Queens - "Deacon"?

On The King of Queens, "Deacon" was the best friend of "Doug" and a true highlight of the the series. Fans enjoyed actor Victor Williams in the role for nine seasons, until the sitcom came to an end in 2007. Where is the star today? Watch the video here to find out.

It's been over a decade since The King of Queens ended, but fans still enjoy reruns to this day.

And one fan-favourite on the Kevin James sitcom was "Deacon," played by actor Victor Williams. What ever happened to the former King of Queens star?

What Happened to The King of Queens - "Deacon"?

Well, the former "Deacon" actor is still at it today. Since The King of Queens ended, Williams has been a regular TV star in many recurring and guest roles.

What Happened To The King Of Queens - "Deacon"?

Watch the video above to find out what happened to former King of Queens star Victor Williams and where you can watch him today.