The King of Queens theme song is sure to become stuck in your head by the end of this article! Did you know the main opening theme song is actually different from the rest of the episode?

The King of Queens Theme Song

The King of Queens premiered on September 21, 1998 on CBS and aired its final episode on May 14, 2007 after nine seasons. The sitcom included Kevin James, Leah Remini, Lisa Rieffel, Patton Oswalt, Jerry Stiller, Larry Romano and Nicole Sullivan. 

The show follows the lives of "Doug" (James) and "Carrie" (Remini), as they take care of "Carrie's" father "Arthur" (Stiller).


The King of Queens theme song in season one was actually an entirely different song than the rest of the seasons. The initial song was a short 8-second sequence that simply showed a moving window of a subway train, which led to the opening credits of the cast. 

From the second season onwards, the series played the song, "Baby All My Life I Will Be Driving Home to You", as "Doug" was a delivery driver. The song was written specifically for the series by Josh Goldsmith and Cathy Yuspa, and was performed by Billy Vera & The Beaters. 

The opening shot includes "Doug" getting into his delivery truck and then cuts to a New York City subway station, which is 111 Street Station on the 7 Line to precise! 

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Then we see "Doug", "Carrie", and "Arthur" enjoying their daily lives, having fun! However, in the season two sequence, it displays Kevin James' name credit in a shot over the Brooklyn Bridge with the Manhattan skyline. This was edited after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

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Here are also the lyrics to The King of Queens theme song, should you sing along!

"My eyes are gettin' weary,
My back is gettin' tight,
I'm sittin' here in traffic,
On the Queensborough bridge tonight,
But I don't care cuz all I wanna do,
Is cash my check and drive right home to you,
'Cuz baby all my life I will be driving home to you"