When the creators and producers of Elite, Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona, decided to start this project they had something very clear in mind: to create an adolescent thriller that would cross borders and deeply impact the viewer. 

The Meaning Behind The Netflix Series Elite

Netflix announced in 2019 that the series Elite was watched in over 20 million homes! And it ended last year in the top 10 of the most-watched shows worldwide!

Elite series poster.

Elite's Formula For Success

Elite used slow-motion and flashbacks to gradually build the story. Its shape, which perhaps by now reminds us of True Detective and most recently Big Little Lies. It works by highlighting experiences, the drama, and also maintaining the expectation of its main plot: a missing person or murder...

Abuse, racism, intolerance, sexuality, corruption, and classism are all major themes addressed head-on in each episode of Elite. These are common issues people face all over the world not just in Spain which explains why the show's success is not only due to the "you only live once" (YOLO) lifestyle and freedom of the characters.

‘Elite’ suspends recordings of its fourth season due to COVID-19 outbreak

The Meaning of Elite

Elite is not simply about belonging to a privileged group, sector, or status. It means being innovative, modern, and inclusive and aims to positively represent the image of a country. And despite the passage of time, very little has changed at least morally, adolescents will always have to face the difficulties of fitting into society, and also has to know how to control their curiosity. 

If you have yet to watch the series, press play! Let yourself be carried away by a highly addictive and seductive mystery drama with a risky touch!

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