The Nanny is one of the most successful sitcoms of all time. While one still fondly thinks back to Fran Drescher in the role of the loveable "Fran Fine," the other characters are also remembered to this day.

The ages of the three children in particular show how long it has actually been since the series has aired. The youngest of the three— Madeline Zima, who played "Grace Sheffield"— has now become a grown woman. Nicholle Tom, who portrayed "Maggie Sheffield," is also almost unrecognizable today!

The Nanny star Nicholle Tom started acting when she was young

Tom was only 15 years old when she started out on The Nanny. She portrayed the shy "Maggie Sheffield," who gains more self-confidence thanks to her nanny. Even back then, the now-43-year-old was a celebrity. At the age of eight, Tom and her siblings appeared in numerous commercials and advertisements.

She starred in the 1992 film Beethoven, reprising her role as "Ryce Newton" in both the 1993 sequel Beethoven's 2nd and the 1994 Beethoven television series. Tom also made guest appearances on shows such as Beverly Hills, 90210 and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Nicholle Tom was so cute as "Maggie" in "The Nanny"

Tom has had many roles in TV and film over the years

Tom has continued on with her career today, as the pretty blonde actress can still be seen in front of the camera! She has had roles in numerous series such as Criminal Minds, Cold Case, About a Boy, Gotham and Stalker. In 2016, she was seen in the TV movie I Didn't Kill My Sister. And in 2017, she took on roles in Do I Say I Do? and Saturn Returns.

Her most recent on-screen role was in 2019, playing "Sandy" in the short film The Scrap County Murders. While Tom is not married and has no children, little else is known about the actress' personal life. Still, it's great to see that her passion for acting has remained long after The Nanny ended!

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