On Tuesday, The Office announced the release of a new children's book version of the show.

The popular sitcom tweeted the news, saying: "A new generation of #TheOffice fans starts here."

The Office reveals the children's book on Twitter

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The Office cast returns in the new book

The new The Office children's book is titled A Day at Dunder Mifflin Elementary. It features the cast of The Office re-envisioned as cartoon characters.

The book is intended for a younger readership, but it reportedly includes easter eggs from the show for adult readers.

B.J Novak as "Ryan", John Krasinski as "Jim", Jenna Fischer as "Pam", Rainn Wilson as "Dwight", and Steve Carell as "Michael Scott" in the first season of The Office, 2005 

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The Office gets a reunion - of sorts

Rumours of an Office reunion were revived last week when cast member John Krasinski ("Jim") said he would be on board to return to the show. The popular series concluded back in 2013.

But no confirmation of a reunion for The Office has arrived as of now. 

Until it does, fans of the show can enjoy revisiting the series in this new book. All of the show's characters reassemble in the book, which can introduce The Office to a younger audience.