The Simpsons has been with us for over 30 years of laughs and unforgettable moments. But the series has also had the uncanny ability to predict events in the future—sometimes inadvertently, but sometimes with great foresight.

Here are the six best Simpsons predictions that came true.

1. President Trump / Kamala Harris

Is The Simpsons to blame for Donald Trump becoming president of the United States? Maybe not, but in an episode where "Bart" sees his future, "Lisa" has become president and mentions a "budget crunch" inherited from "President Trump." The strange thing is that this episode aired back in 2000.

The Simpsons Predicting The Future

Most recently, The Simpsons predicted the future with the same episode, in which "Lisa," as president, wears a purple suit with pearls. It turned out to be noticeably similar to the outfit worn by Vice-President Kamala Harris during her inauguration on Jan. 20.

Did The Simpsons predict Kamala Harris's inauguration outfit? 

2. Disney buys 20th Century Fox

Disney has bought everything in the last 10 years, but nobody imagined that a studio as major as 20th Century Fox would end up being owned by Mickey Mouse... except for The Simpsons, which once jokingly showed a sign for the company, calling it a "Division of Walt Disney Co." As it turned out, the company truly did buy Fox, in 2019, so Disney now also owns The Simpsons too.

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3. 9/11 Attacks

Some believe a theory that The Simpsons predicted the 9/11 attacks in the episode "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson." In the episode, "Lisa" holds a magazine that says "New York $9" and after the "$9" are the Twin Towers forming the number 11. The episode aired four years before the attacks, and it was later pulled from rotation after 9/11—due to jokes involving the towers, not the coincidence with the magazine.

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4. Simpsons talked Ebola before it spread around the world

Back in 1998, the world panicked at news of the Ebola virus outbreak that was affecting the African continent, and there was fear that it would spread throughout the world. But in an episode several years earlier, "Marge" shows "Bart" a book titled Curious George and the Ebola Virus, leading some to suggest the show was aware of the virus before the rest of the world.

5. Lady Gaga's flying Super Bowl LI halftime show

Did The Simpsons predict Lady Gaga's Super Bowl halftime show?

The "Mother Monster" impressed locals and strangers with her incredible performance during the Super Bowl LI halftime show in 2017. But four years earlier, Lady Gaga had already flown on stage in a special episode from The Simpsons to inspire "Lisa."

6. Video calls

Episode "Lisa's Wedding" aired in 1994 and showed a future in the year 2010 where "Lisa" would marry a British man. Among the episode's many futuristic visuals, it features the appearance of video calls, something very common now but a rather unheard of phenomenon in the early '90s.

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