"Maggie" and The Simpsons are joining the collection of beloved Disney and Pixar pre-movie short films! A "Maggie Simpson" short titled Playdate with Destiny will show before Pixar's new movie, Onward.

The official Instagram account of The Simpsons announced the news.

The Simpsons reveals Maggie's Playdate with Destiny short film

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The SimpsonsPlaydate with Destiny isn't Maggie's first film

"Maggie" also starred previously in another short film. The Longest Daycare came out in 2012, and was nominated for the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film.

In case you missed it, watch "Maggie" in The Longest Daycare below.

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Pixar's Onward, The Simpsons and "Maggie"

Onward is a new animated fantasy film from Pixar. It opens in theatres on March 6

Playdate with Destiny will show exclusively before Onward during its theatrical run.

Will it join the classic status of pre-movie shorts such as Bao and Feast? Check out Onward in theatres to find out!

Trailer for Disney & Pixar's Onward