Harlan Coben may be American, but he sure does know how to write a great English mystery! The 58-year-old author has been turning out bestselling books since 1990!

Some of his most popular thrillers include debut novel Play Dead, Miracle Cure, Tell No One, and Hold Tight. More recently he has seen some of his best works turned into miniseries on platforms including Netflix!  


Harlan Coben Books Turned Miniseries

No Second Chance became Harlan Coben's first book to turn into a French miniseries in 2015. After the success of No Second Chance, Coben went on to write British crime drama series The Five and Safe, the latter of which you can also watch on Netflix!  

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Coben believes the reason his novels have been so successful on streaming platforms such as Netflix is because an 8 episode miniseries is set up in much the same way as novel, with chapters that allow the viewer to continue watching and keep them on the edge of their seats!

Harlan Coben The Stranger

The Stranger, published in 2015, has become the newest Harlan Corben miniseries to hit Netflix and follows a husband on a mission to find his missing wife. During his search a stranger reveals unnerving secrets about those closest to him!

We cannot wait for the next Harlan Coben miniseries to come out, but in the meantime Coben has some spoilers for fans that have finished The Stranger. Read on at your own risk!