The Umbrella Academy's "Klaus Hargreeves" is played by the endlessly talented Irish actor Robert Sheehan. Robert has an impressive history before his Umbrella Academy fame, get to know the actor behind "Number Four". This is The Umbrella Academy's "Klaus"!

The Umbrella Academy: "Klaus"

The Umbrella Academy's "Klaus" is portrayed by highly talented Robert Sheehan who was born on January 7th, 1988, in Portlaoise, Ireland. Young Robert learned to perform many instruments, studied at Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, and performed stand-up comedy all around Ireland.

He has many smaller acting roles in productions like The Tudors, Cherry Bomb, and Red Riding. Then he landed a very defining role for him in 2009 as "Nathan Young" in the hit fantasy dark comedy series Misfits. He played a devilishly mischievous young criminal serving community service time in a city where countless people were given mysterious superpowers. Robert's character easily became the fan favorite as he was the most charismatic, silly, and annoying of the characters.

'The Umbrella Academy' Still.

For this role, he was even nominated for a BAFTA! He went on to play "Darren" a Dublin gangland member in Love/Hate, then starred in Killing Bono, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Moonwalkers, Bad Samaritan, Mortal Engines, and David Bowie's son's film Mute

Robert Sheehan as "Klaus Hargreeves/Number Four"

Then in 2019, he landed a main role in the Netflix original series The Umbrella Academy as the drug-addicted, loud-mouthed, impulsive and hilarious "Klaus Hargreeves". The Umbrella Academy's "Klaus" is able to communicate with and eventually summon the dead but turned to drugs at a very young age to be able to tune out the dead's cries. 


Tragically, his sadistic and somewhat careless father locked him inside of a mausoleum overnight that spurred his need to silence the spirits reaching out to him. His story is a twisted and complicated one, once being accidentally transported to the '60s during the Vietnam War and being forced to fight alongside US military forces for a year. It isn't until his best friend a lover is killed that he returns to his own timeline. It is this experience that gives him serious PTSD but also allows him to summon his killed in action war buddies to fight for him.

His personality is brash, careless, manipulative, and yet extremely loving. No one could have played the role more perfectly than Robert Sheehan. His androgenous, hilarious, gay, and loose cannon character is easily the main draw of the series and has brought millions of fans back for the addictive second season. He even started a podcast called The Earth Locker with his costar Tom Hopper who plays his brother "Luther".

Robert Sheehan in 'The Umbrella Academy'.

We can't wait for the upcoming season and we'll be sure to watch whatever he is a part of in the future because it's bound to be amazing! This is The Umbrella Academy's "Klaus". 

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