The Umbrella Academy children were a difficult bunch to raise, especially because "Vanya" kept accidentally maiming their nannies. Luckily, brilliant "Sir Reginald Hargreeves" found the perfect solution for an indestructible mother, a robot! Meet The Umbrella Academy's "Mom"!

The Umbrella Academy's "Mom"

Netflix's The Umbrella Academy's "Mom" is a deeply complicated character whose back story went a lot deeper than her adopted children really understood. "Sir Reginald Hargreeves" had a short romance with "Grace" in the 1960s so when he needed a proper mother figure for his children he created a robot in her likeness. 

She was a perfect addition to the family considering she was indestructible and "Vanya" couldn't accidentally maim her like she did the other nannies. She was also exactly what the children needed considering their father was so incredibly cold he didn't even bother to name them, instead simply assigning each of them a number according to their usefulness to him. It was "Mom" who gave them each their names except "Number Five" who disappeared when he defiantly time jumped too far in the future. 

At first, the family was afraid of "Mom's" involvement in their father's death considering her mainframe had deteriorated but learned the truth eventually. "Diego" who was closest with "Mom" had the most difficult time accepting her deterioration and whether or not she was sentient and to keep her alive or not. 

Jordan Claire Robbins a.k.a. "Mom" 

The Umbrella Academy's "Mom" is played by Jordan Claire Robbins who was born January 24th, 1990 to a Bermudian-Canadian family. She brilliantly double-majored in drama and psychology at the University of Toronto. 

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Jordan eventually began landing on-screen roles like Man Seeking Woman and 12 Monkeys. She was even featured in iZombie and Supernatural! Then finally in 2019, she scored the major role of "Mom/Grace" in Netflix's smash hit The Umbrella Academy

Now she has just excitedly finished filming the film Escape the Field, alongside Shane West and Theo Rossi! We cant wait to see it!

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