On Sunday, April 5, The Walking Dead aired a "temporary" finale episode for season 10. One episode still remains in the season, but its special visual effects were not completed prior to the shutdown of production amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, enough of the episode was finished to allow for a "sneak peak" trailer that the show uploaded to YouTube on Sunday. Watch it below.

The Walking Dead season 10 finale trailer

The upload is titled "Maggie Returns." Actress Lauren Cohan's popular character, "Maggie," had been away from The Walking Dead since the middle of season 9.

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It was earlier reported that Cohan would return for season 11 after her new show, Whiskey Cavalier, was cancelled by ABC. But judging by the new trailer, "Maggie" will be back even sooner!

Lauren Cohan as "Maggie" in The Walking Dead season 8.

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The Walking Dead cast: Season 10 regains a familiar face

The Walking Dead season 10's true finale episode will hopefully air "later this year," according to the show's YouTube upload. It will have to wait at least until production can resume safely.

The Walking Dead has aired on AMC since 2010. Lauren Cohan joined the cast of the series in season 2. Look for her to return to the group when season 10 concludes!