Did you tune in to the Yellowstone season 4 finale? If so, you were one of the many millions who did.

The episode aired on Jan. 2 and it's now streaming on Amazon Prime. But it turns out the television broadcast on Paramount actually set a new record for TV ratings.

Yellowstone season 4 finale set new TV ratings record

The Yellowstone season 4 finale was the most-watched episode on cable TV in almost five years. It brought in 9.3 million viewers on Jan. 2, according to stats from Deadline.

The season premiere of The Walking Dead in 2017 remains the most-watched cable episode in recent history, touching over 11 million viewers at the time.

Since then, Yellowstone is the top dog on TV. It has the latest record for most-watched episode, and its season 4 premiere is also the runner-up with 8.4 million viewers.

On the whole, cable TV ratings have been on a steady decline, but Yellowstone just keeps on getting more popular. The show is now even bringing in better numbers than NCIS — which is typically crowned "TV's most watched show."

The Western also streams on Amazon Prime, so it's total viewership is much greater than just the fans who watch new episodes on TV. And the Kevin Costner series went out with a bang to end season 4. 

We'll keep it spoiler free, but there was a major death in the episode, to go with wild developments for "Beth" and new directions for "Jamie" and for "Jimmy."

There's no official word on season 5 yet, but we'll keep you posted!