The Big Bang Theory's last episodes aired in an hour-long finale on May 16, 2019. In the first of the final episodes, viewers are taken back in time with a look back at clips from the previous twelve seasons. 

Then we get good news. "Sheldon" and "Amy" have finally done it and won the Nobel Prize in Physics! While we are excited for the scientists, "Sheldon" and "Amy" each struggle to be happy following the win.

Both are bothered by the amount of media attention they are getting, "Sheldon" having a hard time accepting change and "Amy" by how she looks. While "Penny" helps "Sheldon" begin to accept change as a good thing, things aren't looking great for "Sheldon" when he discovers "Leonard" has broken his DNA molecule model.

The Big Bang Theory Last Episode

Jim Parsons as "Sheldon Cooper" The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory's last episode, "The Stockholm Syndrome", picks up two months after the episode "The Change Constant". "Sheldon" and "Leonard" have managed to repair the DNA model and the gang is preparing to fly to Sweden for the Nobel Prize ceremony. 

The series ends with each of our characters getting their own happy endings:

  • "Penny" and "Leonard" are pregnant! 
  • "Raj" meets Sarah Michelle Geller and brings her as a plus one to the ceremony
  • "Howard" and "Bernadette" are enjoying their role as parents
  • "Amy" becomes a role model for women scientists everywhere
  • and "Sheldon" finally realizes how much his friends mean to him, apologizing to them all in his acceptance speech. 

The End

The Big Bang Theory cast on stage

While the end of one of TV's top-rated comedy's was quite the emotional farewell, after 12 years and 279 episodes we couldn't have asked for more for our favorite nerdy crew.

While many series never fully wrap up in a way that viewers are left satisfied, The Big Bang Theory did the unthinkable and every character was given the perfect ending. What did you think about The Big Bang Theory's last episode?

'The Big Bang Theory' Cast

The show ended a few weeks ago

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