• A female "James Bond" is a divisive topic
  • Actress Judi Dench gave her opinion
  • She is "fine" with it but says it's complicated

It's a divisive topic in the "007" world: Could the agent ever be played by a woman? Everyone has their own opinion, and Dame Judi Dench has now shared her view.

Would Judi Dench support a female "James Bond"?

For the legendary actress, who played "M" in eight Bond films, the answer is a "yes, but..."

On the possibility of a female "007," Dench told Saga magazine: "As things go, that's fine, but then should you call it, 'by Ian Fleming'? Who knows."

As for playing the role herself, Dench hilariously replied: "Certainly not! I haven't got the energy to do all that jumping off roofs and onto motorbikes."

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Watch the video above for Dame Judi Dench's full comments on a female "James Bond."