Investigation Discovery (ID) has ordered a special follow-up to Tiger King on the life of Joe Exotic (AKA Joseph Maldonado-Passage). It's titled Investigating the Strange World of Joe Exotic.

According to The Wrap, ID's new special addresses the many questions left unanswered by the seven-part Netflix docuseries - including that big rumour about Carole Baskin's late husband, Don.

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Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin: What's new in the sequel?

Investigation Discovery, a US television channel, describes its upcoming special as follows:

"This is the investigation you didn't get to see, revealing the secrets only Joe knows, the exclusive footage that has never been shown and the search to answer the one question every person in America is asking themselves right now: although she's denied it, is Carole Baskin responsible for the disappearance of her husband, Don Lewis?

"But neither the mystery nor the investigation stops there. What skeletons is Joe still hiding within his untold past? Is his conviction truly justified? Who is Jeff Lowe and what does the FBI really know? What secrets lie hidden within Doc Antle's walls?"

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Netflix's Tiger King: A new episode is coming soon, too

Investigation Discovery only announced the news on Monday, April 6, so the release date for the special isn't yet known.

But elsewhere, it's expected that Netflix will add a new episode of Tiger King to the platform sometime this week. The true crime docuseries has enjoyed massive popularity since it debuted on Netflix in late March. On April 6, it even set a new Netflix record as the most-watched program for 15 straight days (and counting).

Those caught up in the Joe Exotic-Carole Baskin feud have much to look forward to, it seems! Look for the rumoured new Netflix episode this week and the Investigation Discovery special further down the road.

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