Tyra Banks is still holding onto the idea that a Coyote Ugly reboot could happen! As Entertainment Tonight shares, August marked the 20th anniversary of the musical comedy-drama, and Banks said that she feels it's high time to bring Coyote Ugly back for a new generation!

Banks says Coyote Ugly cast is "trying" to make reboot happen

Banks told Entertainment Tonight's Lauren Zima that she and the Coyote Ugly cast are all on board to revive the story somehow. "We are trying, trying, trying to make this happen. We are so trying," she said. "Maria Bello, Diane Warren did the music, LeAnn Rimes, everybody is in! Piper Perabo, Bridget Moynahan, they're all like, 'OK, let's do this.'" 

It's not all talk either, since Banks revealed that she and the rest of the cast have actually gotten together to talk about what a Coyote Ugly reboot could look like! "Literally had a meeting recently and we are trying," she shared. "We're like, 'Is it a movie? Is it a series? Is it our kids? Are our old a**es dancing on the bar still?'"

Banks says that "technical mumbo jumbo" is causing holdup

Banks then went on to share what her ideal progression of a future Coyote Ugly franchise would be! "Maybe start with a movie and then move to a series," she said. And when it comes to why there's nothing official in the works despite the cast's interest in the project, the new host of Dancing With the Stars chalked things up to one factor in particular.

"It's more of this technical mumbo jumbo. We have story ideas. We have our original producer, Mr. [Jerry] Bruckheimer, he's down. It's like, 'Come on, let's get this going!'" Banks explained to Zima. "It's logistics. It's legistics. But we're ready." Entertainment Tonight recently spoke to Rimes about Coyote Ugly as well, and she echoed Banks' sentiments about getting something put together!

"We've been trying to get this done for a long time. I know [Tyra Banks] has been working on it on her end. [Songwriter] Diane Warren and I have been working on it on our end," Rimes explained. "So it's been one of those things that's been out in the universe, but it hasn't quite landed. So we shall see." Here's hoping things line up so that we'll get to see a Coyote Ugly reboot of some sort in the near future!

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