'Vertigo': This Is What Kim Novak Looks Like Today

Kim Novak 
July 13, 2019 - 09:22 / Sandro Prodanovic

At the time, Vertigo was one of the more controversial films, but through the years, it has developed a cult following like no other! Even though its been more than 60+ years since the film's release, we still wonder what our lovely antagonist Kim Novak is up to today... 

Kim Novak was only 25 when she starred in Vertigo and has been an acting legend ever since! Not only was she highly praised for her role at the time, she also moved on to star in other classics including Picnic and The Man With The Golden Arm. Want to find out what Kim is up to today? We know you do! Check out the video for more! 

Kim was a real stunner back in her day! 

Kim Novak