"Dreams do come true"

Watch Vanessa Lachey Cry Tears Of Joy After Getting 'NCIS: Hawaii' Role

Watch Vanessa Lachey Cry Tears Of Joy After Getting NCIS: Hawaii Role

Vanessa Lachey just revealed her reaction to news she'd been cast in NCIS: Hawaii. After getting the job, she recorded an emotional video that she only shared just now — to celebrate that NCIS: Hawaii premieres next week! Watch below.

NCIS: Hawaii clearly means the world to actress Vanessa Lachey.

The new NCIS series premieres on Monday next week, and to celebrate, Lachey shared a video she took just moments after learning she was cast in the show. And it's a pretty emotional watch!

Video: Vanessa Lachey reacts to NCIS: Hawaii cast news

In the video, a teary and overwhelmed Lachey is in her car with her son. Crying tears of joy, she says: "I just found out I got the job, and I'm so happy!"

Lachey was on her way to visit a friend, and it looks like she got the call for NCIS: Hawaii just as she was pulling up to her driveway. She then took the video and got an emotional hug from the friend.

With the video, she wrote: "I remember the day I got the call 'You got the job!' I will never forget it! Dreams do come true."

She added: "One week from today, our show premieres and I'm beyond grateful for this opportunity. My life is changed forever."

Lachey will play the lead role of Special Agent In Charge "Jane Tennant" on NCIS: Hawaii. Her casting news — as the first female lead in NCIS history — was announced back in April.

The new series finally premieres next week on Monday, Sept. 20. You can click here to watch the official trailer ahead of premiere day.