Daniel Craig got choked up when it came time to say goodbye to "James Bond."

The actor finished filming his final "007" movie No Time to Die back in 2019, and it's finally set for release at the end of this month. Now, a new clip from behind the scenes shows Craig giving a speech to the cast and crew — and it got pretty emotional!

Video: Daniel Craig's goodbye for No Time to Die cast, crew

The new video comes from the Apple TV+ documentary Being James Bond. It shows Craig giving a speech after wrapping No Time to Die. Surrounded by the team behind his "James Bond" films, he says:

"A lot of people here have worked on five pictures with me. And I know there's a lot of things said about what I think about these films...

"But I've loved every single second of these movies — and especially this one — because I've got up every morning and I've had the chance to work with you guys, and that has been one of the greatest honours of my life," Craig says, growing visibly emotional by the end. Watch below.

Craig has been portraying "James Bond" since 2006, and his final entry in the franchise concluded its shoot in 2019. However, the film's release has been delayed several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But No Time to Die is finally set to premiere in the UK this month on Sept. 28 and in North America on Oct. 8.

Craig's speech referenced his reputation for being a bit prickly and candid in interviews about the franchise, but it appears that "Bond" truly does mean a lot to him.

We're expecting a major send-off for his final "Bond" film, and we'll see if it gets as emotional as Craig's goodbye to the cast and crew.

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