Watch: 'The Simpsons' Intro Recreated Using Stock Footage

Watch The Simpsons Intro Recreated With Stock Footage
February 18, 2021 - 21:55 / Lucas Anderson

If you've ever wondered what the Simpsons intro would look like in real life... look no further. A devoted comedian and filmmaker, Matthew Highton, spent hours piecing together the 80-second animated opening using real-life stock footage. Watch the impressive results below!

From nuclear power plant scenes to a driving baby... it's The Simpsons intro — but this time in real life. British comedian and filmmaker Matthew Highton recently completed a recreation of the iconic Simpsons opening using exclusively stock footage. The results are pretty impressive, considering the range of oddball visuals required.

Watch The Simpsons intro with real life stock footage

It no doubt took some time to finish the task, as Highton wrote on Twitter, "It took a day, but here it is: The Simpsons intro recreated using ONLY stock footage." Give it a watch with the original side by side below.

From matching similar angles to camera movements and strange scenes, we'd have to call this recreation a success. It even got the endorsement of famous ex-Simpsons writer and showrunner Josh Weinstein, who commented, "This is brilliant and delightful." High praise.

The Simpsons is currently airing season 32 on Fox and is streaming on Disney+. See if you knew these 10 facts about the show that only true fans know.