Wentworth Miller shocked Prison Break fans when he revealed that he's leaving the show! As Entertainment Tonight shares, Miller— who stars as "Michael Scofield" in the hit crime drama— took to social media on Sunday to announce his decision, sharing why he will no longer be part of Prison Break.

Miller talks about seeing both positive and negative messages

Miller explained his decision to leave the show behind in a lengthy Instagram post, which he began by saying he's aware of both the positive and negative comments that come his way. "I want you to know I saw that. I see the positive comments and DMs (a lot of them anyway)," he said. "Affectionate. Supportive. Appreciated (by me)."

"Obviously there are comments and DMs I appreciate less," Miller continued. "Who are these people? On my page? What backwards-ass, Stone Age values country did they crawl out of? The U.S.?" The actor went on to say that, despite this fact, he's not going anywhere— he's just going to be shutting down the trolls! "I won't be disappearing (too many cool things to repost)," he affirmed. "The ability to comment likely will."

Wentworth Miller as "Michael Scofield" in Prison Break.

Miller says he no longer wants to play heterosexual roles

Miller talked about why he's taking action when it comes to combating internet hate. "I'm not concerned for myself. I can't be 'bullied' in this space. I have too much power. 'Delete. Block. Deactivate.' Etc," he said. "But I take seriously the possibility of queer kids visiting here, recently out of the closet or exploring the idea... I don't want them exposed to bullshit."

The openly gay actor then went on to address the reason behind his choice to leave Prison Break, which may come as a shock to fans since it will impact the future of his career! "On a related note... I'm out. Of PB. Officially," Miller announced. "Not bec of static on social media (although that has centered the issue). I just don't want to play straight characters. Their stories have been told (and told)."

Wentworth Miller

He felt "deeply troubled" after being invited to a film event...

'Prison Break': This Is How Wentworth Miller Came Out As Gay

Even though Prison Break had recently been confirmed for a sixth season, Miller's departure means that the show has now come to an end. The actor apologized to fans, but stood by his words. "So. No more Michael," he stated. "If you were a fan of the show, hoping for additional seasons... I understand this is disappointing. I'm sorry."

"If you're hot and bothered bec you fell in love with a fictional straight man played by a real gay one... That's your work," Miller said in conclusion. While it's sad that his time as "Michael" on Prison Break is over, we look forward to seeing Miller take on more authentic roles in the future!