Netflix's The Circle USThe Circle France, and The Circle Brazil all feature the same very distinctive red brick building. In the opening camera shots for each international version, cityscapes of Chicago, Paris, and Rio can all be seen. 

These cityscapes have left viewers wondering if Netflix has more than one of these red brick buildings or if the building is the same for each season. 

Netflix's The Circle: Where Is It Filmed?

Chloe Veitch competes on Netflix's The Circle

So just where is Netflix's The Circle filmed? The answer is neither Chicago, Paris, or Rio but in Salford, Manchester in the UK. Looks like the production crew knows a thing or two about catfishing as well!

As confirmed in Oprah Daily, the iconic red-brick building is actually a residential apartment complex with 65 units, 12 of which The Circle uses to film the show. The decorated rooms you see on the show, however, are thanks to the talented design team hired by The Circle.

Why The UK?

Now, the question that remains is why did Netflix choose to film the show in the UK of all places? Before The Circle US was even conceived, the Brits had their own version of The Circle, and—you guessed it—it was filmed at the same location. 

While The Circle only occupies 12 of the apartment complexes, those looking to move into the other 53 rooms are out of luck. Currently, the apartments are all occupied and, given The Circle's popularity, won't be easy to score in the near future. 

In the meantime, make sure to catch up with the latest episodes of The Circle and its spin-offs!

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