Mark Harmon (67), who plays Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, is NCIS's shining star and has been a fan-favourite since the very first episode was broadcast back in 2003. Fans have been worried for some time now that Gibbs might leave NCIS. Series sixteen has already taken some adjusting to, now that Abby is no longer a cast member. CBS has also not yet confirmed whether there will even be a seventeenth series! 

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Is Mark Harmon really going to leave NCIS?

Even if a seventeenth series is commissioned by CBS, it is not clear whether Gibbs will be in it. Speculation has arisen due to a number of factors, including Mark Harmon's recent health problems. Mark lost a lot of weight last year after injuring his knee. 

Viewer ratings have also been steadily decreasing over recent years, with Pauley Perrette and Mark Harmon frequently arguing on set. In fact, it is rumoured that Pauley Perrette left NCIS due to the toxic atmosphere on set. According to several media outlets in the States, Harmon is also guilty of insisting that his dog must accompany him to work, even though the dog has bitten several people on set so far. 

However, NCIS without Mark Harmon is something we find hard to imagine. Only time will tell how long fans will still be able to enjoy one of the best crime series out there and its dashing lead!