For years, Coté de Pablo (39) starred in the role of the agent "Ziva David" in the iconic series before she left NCIS. Actually, the agent was shot at the end of the 13th season - so a return to NCIS is impossible – or is it not?

“Ziva” continues to be a NCIS fan favorite

It would not be the first time that the producers of the crime show surprise us with an unexpected twist – and rumors about Coté de Pablo's comeback have been very persistent. The "Ziva" actress has now made a statement herself via the Italian portal "Nocturno".

Coté de Pablo can relate very well to the fans missing her figure in the series. She, too, has a special place for "Ziva" in her heart and admires her strong, lively and ruthless character.

"Sometimes I'd like to be more like 'Ziva' and in a sense she stands for the part of me I suppress in my everyday life. In my life, I leave room for serenity; try to be carefree and appreciate the beautiful things in life," the actress said.

Will Coté de Pablo return to NCIS?

After her exit from the show, the actress has had a lot of time for that. Therefore, will she be returning to the popular series now?

Being a Hollywood pro, she had the right diplomatic answer: "I can only say to those who hope for my comeback, that I don't know at the moment, but you shouldn't rule it out."