Raj has finally done it! For a while it seemed as if he would remain single forever, but in the twelfth and final series of The Big Bang Theory he's finally managed to get a girl! After his relationships with both Lucy and Emily ended in tears, Raj has finally given in and decided that an arranged marriage might just be the answer to all his problems. His father arranges a meeting with the gorgeous Anu, who works as a receptionist in a hotel. 

Raj wants to marry Anu

Romantic Raj accepts Anu's marriage proposal, which the pretty Anu delivers in a restaurant, and it looks as if his days as a bachelor are finally over. Penny and Bernadette are great fans of Raj's new fiancée. 

Since it was announced that this twelfth series of The Big Bang Theory will be the last, fans have been speculating wildly just how the series could end. Raj and Anu's wedding would be a fitting ending, as Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj would then all be happily married off (something that no one would have though possible watching the first season)!

Raj's wedding would signify the end of an era 

A lot of the series's jokes involved Howard, Raj, Sheldon or Leonard trying to get to grips with women, but since Howard, Sheldon and Leonard are now married, Raj and Stuart had to take on the roles of hapless bachelors. Stuart is also in a relationship now though, and, if Raj gets married too, then it truly is the end of an era.